The University of Independence Foundation

Knowledge is the key to solar adoption, learn the options that are available in your community today


A new affordable and sustainable energy policy which puts consumers, the environment, and human health first
Renewable energy is the change that our children’s future deserves by switching to solar you can take our planet one step closer to running off 100% clean energy
 “Think global, act local” as Mark Zuckerberg says.
What your Community Deserves
With your support it can be done. This Foundation relies exclusively on grants and contributions to support our programs. We are an organization dedicated to advancing solar energy use worldwide. Your generous donation will support programs and initiatives like our National Solar Jobs Census, Solar Workforce Development Programs, and much more
How The University
Independence Foundation
Gives Back
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Religious Donations
  • Awareness and education to the masses
  • Community Service
  • 10% of profits go to charity
  • Path to excellence for our youth
How Can You Help ?
Our foundation is established of a team of dreamers and leaders that want to be a part of a movement that is changing our society and the way our planet is powered and lead communities around the nation to empowerment beyond measure. Through innovation and new age thinking, Foundation Dream Team!
Our Foundation offers collaborative partnership opportunities for companies organizations and individuals to learn more contact us.
Foundation Fun Fact
Our Foundation is built for awareness not only of solar energy by developing and implementing education programs in schools and learning centers across the nation.
We envision a world where our children and the generation to come have access to and value our most reliable source of energy. Through our planned innovation of the technology the global community will live sustainably and comfortably.
Sustainability, Innovation, Renaissance, Community, Universal Peace, Limitless societal growth, Higher consciousness.
Education is the key to transforming the conversations we have in our day to day lives. A focus on a change for the better will lead to unstoppable action when spread among the masses. From our youth to our old age. Education cannot stop in order for humanity to reach its full potential.
Our collaborators and partners help us spread this vision, through different perspectives and experiences.
Technology is constantly molding and remolding and the differences in technology only stand out to an experienced eye learning how solar is produced will teach you the differences between the quality of a long lasting solar system.