Solar is the better way to
generate utility-scale power
Industry-leading cost structure, dependable power
University of independence offers solar energy generation and storage technology to provide reliable power at a predictable low rate that’s competitive with conventional generation. Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) not only enables you to generate renewable solar energy at a low fixed rate, but it shields you from market volatility for 20+ years.
Avoid coincident peak demand charges with PV + sto

We’ve developed a breakthrough PV + storage solution that provides firm and dispatch able energy to balance your network when you need it most. With Capacity Services, you’ll save on both your energy ($ per kWh) and capacity ($ per kW) charges during coincident peak events.

We can configure your project to address your specific operational needs and challenges—from peak load reduction to load shifting to grid issues specific to your system. And we offer a performance guarantee so you can operate your grid with confidence. Download Capacity Services overview

PV + storage is the best generator.
Our proprietary technology and advanced utility-grade batteries give you the capability to store and discharge energy from your solar power plant as needed. With our combined solar and storage solutions, you’ll reap the benefits of firm and dispatch able energy. It’s a more cost-effective, reliable and customizable alternative to a typical generator.
We take care of everything
We provide financing, permitting and installation all under one roof. And our exclusive 24/7 monitoring system ensures that everything is working as promised.
Get renewable energy 24/7 with a microgrid.
Our turnkey micro grid-as-a-service solution lets you tap into locally generated energy to hedge costs and power critical facilities when the central grid is unavailable.
Financing can enable you to save with no upfront c
Through our world-class investment partners, we’re able to offer solar energy with zero capital expenditures required by our customers . All of the financing is done in-house without third-party management or added costs.
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